Lecture des épisodes de Kimagure Orange Road.


Beaucoup de personnes m'ont demandées s'il était possible de trouver sur le WEB les textes de KOR.

Pour l'instant, je n'ai trouvé que la transcription en Anglais de la version originale.


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Seuls les chapitres 17 et 18 sont validés

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  1. The Red Straw Hat
  2. The Shooting Blues
  3. The Lip Secret
  4. Cheek Sorrow
  5. Lakeside Rhapsody
  6. A Distant Love
  7. Dangerous Rumors
  8. The Secret Part-Time Job
  1. The First Test
  2. Shopping Boogie
  3. The Suspicious Ring
  4. Alcohol Blues
  5. The Incoherent Feeling
  6. The Two Snapshots
  7. Jealousy Rain
  8. The Unfortunate Unrequited Love!



  1. Be Careful Kurumi-chan!
  2. Ticket Trouble!
  3. Panic at the Beach!
  4. Fire Lure Love Song
  5. The Island of Forbidden Love
  6. I'm Not a Child!
  7. I Like Japan!
  8. The Thrilling Amusement Park!
  9. The Suspicious Flickering Light Beam!
  1. Jealousy with a Beat!
  2. I'm Sorry I'm Indecisive!
  3. The Puzzling Accident!
  4. Let's Run the Marathon!
  5. A Suspicious Hikaru-chan
  6. The Flower of Happiness
  7. I Drew the Ace of Hearts!
  8. A Premonition Dream in the Starry Sky



  1. Kyousuke-kun Transforms!
  2. The Telepathy Kid!
  3. Lucky Birthday!
  4. A Premonition Dream, One More Time!
  5. The Mystery of the Cold
  6. The Panic Kid!
  7. Time-Slip Christmas
  8. A Swinging Lullaby
  9. The Skater's Waltz
  1. Let's Change!
  2. Snow Sketch
  3. A Romantic Night
  4. The Two in a Snowy Night
  5. The Dream-Colored Valentine
  6. Graduation Elegy
  7. The Girls' Day Temptation
  8. The Pure-Hearted Blues
  9. Message in Rouge



  1. The Angel's Temptation
  2. The Panic Kid, Again!
  3. The Forbidden Cheek Dance
  4. Spring = a Shock!
  5. The Jealous Card
  6. Let It Be a Hurricane!
  7. The Happening with 'H'!
  8. Be Careful of Skinship!
  9. The Devious Criminal of Love
  1. Private Memory
  2. The Shutter Chance
  3. The Parallel Trip!
  4. But It's a Paradise!
  5. The Dangerous Beach!
  6. The Witness Akane!
  7. Don't Fade, Darling!
  8. The Fugitive of Love
  9. S.H. Are the Initials of Love



  1. How About Horror?
  2. A Shake in the Camp!
  3. Roots Panic!
  4. A Summer Snow Love Story
  5. A Chase at the Pool!
  6. Don't Cheat!
  7. A Chance in a Premonition Dream!
  8. The Fantasy Camera
  9. All Is Ruined!
  1. Parallel Boogie!
  2. Parallel Night!
  3. Parallel Hero!
  4. The Autumn Feeling of Love
  5. The Dangerous Transfer Student
  6. Love in a Video!
  7. The Secret Snapshot
  8. It's a Birthday!
  9. Slapstick Mushroom Hunt!



  1. Say That You Like Me!
  2. Heart Jack War!
  3. White Christmas
  4. Don't Hypnotize Me!
  5. The Kiss in the First Dream of the New Year!
  6. The Terrifying Legend of Winter Mountain
  7. Horror Story
  8. The Shape-Up with Tears!
  9. Love Focus!
  1. The Valentine Kid!
  2. Robot Kyou-chan!
  3. First Love
  4. Are You Really Going to Study Abroad?
  5. Spring Is Here!
  6. The Dangerous Twosome
  7. Manami's Big Adventure!
  8. Be Careful of April's Fool!
  9. Pattern of a Misty Spring Love



  1. A Bad Omen for Kyou-chan!
  2. The Talking Parrot
  3. I'm a Man!
  4. The Strange Watch
  5. The Wake-Up Kiss!
  6. The Photogenic Girl
  7. The Message That Must Never Be Shown!
  8. Emotional Expression 100%!
  9. The Bus Stop of Love!
  1. The Dangerous Teacher
  2. The Reunion Labyrinth
  3. The Heart-Breaking Premonition Dream
  4. I'm a Cat!
  5. The Summer Vacation of Partings
  6. The Hawaii Everyone's Longing for!
  7. The Girls' Battlefield: Hawaii!
  8. The Everlasting-Summer Beach Suspense!
  9. Hawaiian Mystery



  1. Summer Night Horror
  2. Special Story: Matsumoto Izumi Goes to Chiba!
  3. Lipstick of the Night
  4. The Temptation Behind Closed Doors
  5. The Sweetly Dangerous Cinema
  6. The Promotion Red Zone
  7. Under the Tree of Memories
  8. The Jealousy by Peeking
  1. The Happening Kiss!
  2. The Man Who Can't Return
  3. And Then, Da Capo
  4. Spring Is for Idols
  5. The Happening on the Street Corner!
  6. Nights Are an Adventure
  7. A Report of Tragic Love
  8. Unintentionally the Cupid!
  9. The Stage of Dreams



  1. A Star Is Born!
  2. Heart on Fire!
  3. An Unexpected Situation!
  4. The Pretend Boyfriend
  5. A Room for Just the Two
  6. The Yearned-for Hikaru-chan!
  7. Unrequited Love Graffiti!
  8. Robot Kyou-chan II
  9. I Turned into a Fish!
  1. The Lake of Memories
  2. The Summer Pendant
  3. Escape, Escape!
  4. A Prayer to a Stone Statue...
  5. The Summer Finale!
  6. The Two Who Couldn't Go Back
  7. The Everlasting Summer



AC Andrew Chen <achen@uhuru.uchicago.edu>

AN Albert Nakano <bert@lenti.med.umn.edu>

CN Craig Nishida <cnishida@netcom.com>, Paul Hirose <pthirose@

rosarita.engr.ucdavis.edu> plus many others

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+ denotes revision of existent script by Craig Nishida, Paul Hirose,

and others

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Paul Hirose, Spencer Hastings and others

! denotes revision of existent script by Timothy Clapin

<rogue@Glue.umd.edu>, Paul Hirose plus others

Note: AC, PY and SH scripts were done off the Chinese-language translations.

This additional "filtering" has resulted in some major aberrations in

the English translations. Be warned.



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